That Was Grand

July 24, 2013

Looking at all the post titles from my fellow IPL writers over the past few days can make a person kind of depressed. Up until today, the Tribe was 1-4 coming off the All-Star Break, and folks were getting ready to throw ballast and Mark Reynolds overboard to right things. And then today happened: the last of a three-game series with Seattle and a game of some grand firsts.

  • The first time Kazmir pitched into the 8th inning this season
  • Kazmir’s first win on the road this season
  • Michael Bourn’s first career grand slam*

More importantly, the offense had one of those hit-the-snot-out-of-the-ball days where  almost everybody got a hit. The only exception was Jason Kipnis who went 0-4 and is, I suppose, allowed an off day once in a while.  In all, the Indians scored 10 runs on 13 hits and drew 6 walks. The high point was Bourn’s grand slam in the 5th, with Asdrubal Cabrera’s solo dinger in the 6th inning and two-run double in the first a close second and third.  (Is it looking a gift horse in the mouth to note that we had bases loaded two other times in the game and only got one run out of it?)

For his part, Scott Kazmir had another magnificent outing: 8 innings, 7 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 hit,  and 1 run (unearned), all of which lowers his ERA to 3.96.  (Having 4 of our 5 starters with sub-4.0 ERAs makes me disproportionately happy.) Kazmir’s comeback is absolutely my favorite story this season. Baseball is a never-ending tale of failure and redemption, and Scott Kazmir’s redemption has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Since the break, the Indians have seen some great starting pitching, and they’ve even been hitting. Jordan Bastain noted that the Indians outscored their opponents 25-14 on this road trip and went 2-4. Like most of the season, it’s been feast or famine–either they win big or lose by a run. The bullpen and defensive mistakes haven’t helped matters either. We had two more errors today, bringing the total to 10 for this six-game road trip and 64 for the season.

We know our boys are a streaky bunch, that’s part of their charm. But as the evidence shows, streaking will only get you so far. Nonetheless, it was a big win, and I’ll take it.


*Incidentally, Michael Bourn needs one more run to reach 500 career runs scored.


  • Sean Porter says:

    If Kazmir didn’t make another start this season, he already has had, all things considered, a remarkable year. The amazing thing about Kazmir is that he keeps getting BETTER. He’s gone from a nice “feel-good” story to a guy who legitimately can help keep this team in contention all season, and a guy you hope the Tribe resigns for next year.

    I believe the Indians now have (roughly) 65 errors for the season, according to Underwood or Manning during the game. They also pointed out that the Orioles are leading the A.L. in the least errors committed with 31. Obviously, the Indians need to catch and throw the ball better.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    was at the safe today…what was particularly alarming about the miscues was how routine the plays were…wtf?…i hope the win doesnt obscure a need to clean that little league garbage up….

  • medfest says:

    Kazmir’s last two starts have been things of beauty.On the road to comeback player of the year?

    He’s been displaying number one starter stuff for the last month and it seems like it’s all coming together for him now.

    The infield defense………………….wow ………..just ………

  • Gvl Steve says:

    About two months ago, when Kazmir’s ERA was around 5.80, I scoffed at someone who said he was the comeback player of the year. Well, I have to admit that I did not see this coming. I like my crow medium-well with a little honey mustard on the side. Four starters under 4.00?! Right now, I’m scoffing at those who say Mark Reynolds will get hot again and carry the team, if only because I’d really like to see it happen and want to scoff it into existence.

  • mike says:

    Can we make it official that this team desperately needs a bat over a starting pitcher

  • Drew says:

    As long as Scotty K throws his FB around 95 and throws 65% or better of his pitches for strikes, he will be effective. He has been doing so for the last few starts. I am thrilled with his success.

    Nick Swisher, Asdrubal Cabrerra, and Mark Reynolds are the red-headed step children in the line-up. If 2 of them get hot, we will have no need for a bat at the deadline. Kipnis is having an amazing season, and the other 4 hitters are having average seasons for their abilities. Just saying that I’d rather look for bullpen help than a bat.

    In Other news, when does this team start DH’ing Raburn? I mean he is tied for 3rd in HRs on the team and leads in OPS and that is on 1/2 the plate appearances of the regulars!

    What if…
    Bourn CF
    Swisher 1B
    Kipnis 2B
    Raburn DH
    Brantley LF
    Santana C
    Cabrerra SS
    Chisenhall 3B
    Stubbs RF

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