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Another one bites the dust

August 7, 2012

At the end of Book II of Ernest Hemingway’s┬áThe Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes, the novel’s narrator, joins his friends …Read the Rest

The way it crumbles

August 4, 2012

After last night’s loss to the Tigers, in which Indians starter Justin Masterson gave up seven runs on ten hits …Read the Rest

Live-blogging the death watch

August 3, 2012

Hello, IPL readers! I am live-blogging tonight’s Indians-Tigers game. The way I plan to do this is to keep the …Read the Rest

On deck: Live-blogging tonight’s Indians-Tigers game

August 3, 2012

In an effort to try to work up some enthusiasm about covering tonight’s Indians-Tigers game for IPL, I have decided …Read the Rest

Two pitches

Two pitches
July 27, 2012

When Indians reliever Joe Smith entered Thursday’s game against the Tigers with one out in the seventh inning, things did …Read the Rest


July 21, 2012

The good news about tonight’s Indians game against the Baltimore Orioles: Shin-Soo Choo led off the home half of the …Read the Rest

Why the Indians lost today, or Curse you, Baseball Gods

July 15, 2012

So today I was at home, sitting on my couch, iced tea in hand, watching the Indians game on TV. …Read the Rest

“It was a really bad day.”

July 15, 2012

Yes, Ubaldo, you certainly got that right.

Doubly satisfying

July 7, 2012

Tonight’s Indians game began at 6:05 PM, and I have no idea why. Usually Saturday games at Progressive Field begin …Read the Rest

Do the hustle

July 4, 2012

In a game twice delayed by rain, the Cleveland Indians of Cleveland beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at …Read the Rest