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Something to Think About

Something to Think About
August 6, 2012

I’m sorry, I know I’m posting this a little late.  This is how I recommend watching games from this point …Read the Rest

The “High Energy” Chris Perez

The “High Energy” Chris Perez
August 3, 2012

Last night, I stayed awake to watch the end of the Indians and Royals game.  I’m not sure why I …Read the Rest

Is Anyone Even Surprised at this Point?

July 31, 2012

I came up with this story in my head tonight.  It starts when I load Derek Lowe and Josh Tomlin …Read the Rest

The Five Stages of Grief When You’re an Indians Fan

July 31, 2012

It’s been kind of a rough week if you’re an Indians fan.  Just five days ago the team was flying …Read the Rest

The Elephant in the Room

July 28, 2012

For much of this season, I’ve been fixated on the offense and their struggles.  The lack of offensive production from …Read the Rest

Some Thoughts On Hernandez’s First Start At Lake County

Some Thoughts On Hernandez’s First Start At Lake County
July 26, 2012

Of course Roberto Hernandez had to make his first start in Class A on the same night as a truly …Read the Rest

Live Blogging that new starter…Roberto Hernandez

July 26, 2012

Because I like watching baseball in the rain, and because it’s always been a dream of mine to be struck …Read the Rest

Moves the 2012 Cleveland Indians Could Make to Further Annoy Me

July 25, 2012

Maybe I’m just the type of person that’s easily annoyed, but there are a lot of things about the 2012 …Read the Rest

Wait, What?

July 24, 2012

The Indians have made their first major mid-year trade, and it has all of the excitement of a Casey Kotchman …Read the Rest

At Least It Was a W

July 23, 2012

After the weekend (and past week) the Indians had, I know I should be grateful that they managed to pull …Read the Rest