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Town Hall Meeting with Mark Shapiro: The Recap

June 22, 2012

As Stephanie mentioned earlier today, I attended the Town Hall Luncheon for Indians social suite “alumni” at Progressive Field today …Read the Rest

Sometimes you’re the goat, sometimes you’re the hero

June 20, 2012

Charlie Brown had a bad reputation on the baseball field for being the goat, not the hero. On Monday night, …Read the Rest

What Thursday’s game had in common with A Tale of Two Cities

June 14, 2012

It’s summer, the time to undertake all those ambitious, heady projects that seem seem out of our grasp during the …Read the Rest

What we talk about when we talk Tribe

June 11, 2012

Indians fans are odd birds. We complain and gripe about the team even as we bleed red, blue, and white. …Read the Rest

This is why we watch baseball

June 6, 2012

Movie reviewers like to praise a film by saying some variation on: “This is why we go to the movies.” …Read the Rest

A bad day in Seussville

June 3, 2012

Those Minny Twins Those Minny Twins I do not like it when they win. Do you like to see Joe …Read the Rest

What to say about this May

May 31, 2012

Where do we stand? As of this writing, the Indians are 27-23 (.540), currently 1.5 games out of first place …Read the Rest

A Comedy of Errors

May 29, 2012

As I watched the Indians’ Tuesday night drubbing by the Royals,  Dr. Smith’s voice from Lost in Space kept going …Read the Rest

On drinking the Tribe Kool-Aid and Chris Perez

May 21, 2012

Last week, I was one of the contributors to ESPN’s Triple Play feature. One of the questions was: “Derek Lowe …Read the Rest

Eric Wedge does not understand what it means when Venus goes retrograde

May 17, 2012

The Indians have traditionally had problems with noontime games. My partner in crime here at ItsPronouncedLajaway, Stephanie Liscio, noted that …Read the Rest